Modern TV

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the holiday season! Hopefully, even if you have not been able to get to the shows that I have recommended, you will be able to over your holiday break.
Now, I know that I keep writing about shows related to PR, but I am going to venture away from that this time. I know from personal experience, it can become dull to constantly be watching shows with never ending drama or action. Sometimes you need some comic relief and although there are many shows with comedy in them, my favourite is family comedy.
Modern Family is a long running show, which has won multiple awards and has an all around talented and hilarious cast. The jokes are easy to relate to, no matter what member of the family they are about. Any family member could relate to this show.
The sarcasm. teasing and well timed jokes make this show one of my favourites. Throughout the seasons, you watch as the children in the family grow and their jokes and answers get quicker and wittier.
The balance between the logistical characters and the “live in the moment” characters make for some of the best relationship dynamics, which escalates the entertainment factor of the show.
This show is a feel good show that provides families with the chance to sit down and spend time together. Often, it can be hard to find a family friendly show that doesn’t have some scenes that can make everyone feel slightly uncomfortable at times. Modern Family is the option for everyone to enjoy a little down time.

The Scandalous Side of PR

SCANDAL! Yet another show full of fast talking lawyers, PR professionals and politicians.
Are you seeing a trend in my television choices?
The difference between Scandal and the other shows that I have discussed throughout this blog is that Scandal has much more drama.
By drama, I mean there is more than just public and political scandals to be handled by the ever so controversial Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA).
These “Gladiators in Suits”, a they call themselves, would go “over a cliff” for one another and they truly do live up to their name “Gladiators”.
These crisis management associates cover up crimes for clients and friends, but only if at the end of the day they are able to put on their metaphorical “white hat”. This hat is constantly mentioned throughout the series and refers to the idea that OPA will never commit criminal acts or help alleged criminals unless they know that a person is innocent and are able to find the true criminal.
Despite the unconventional ways of OPA, the most intriguing part about Scandal is that the OPA business is based on the real, Judy Smith. She ran a crisis management firm in Washington when the Busch administration was in power.
Even though many of the cases received by OPA and the way they handle them may not be exactly like the way Judy’s business would handle issues, it is still interesting to see the corruption in Washington that has to be handled by PR.
Scandal is full of twists and is definitely a show worthy of binge watching if you have a taste for scandal and corruption.

PR in The Crown

The royal family of Britain, struggles with loyalty and jealousy in The Crown.
These themes challenge Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Buckingham Palace’s public relations handlers has to deal with the conflicts within the British monarchy and preserve the reputation of the Windsor House.
The emphasis to constantly handle conflicts increased my interest in the show. It made me realize that in one way or another, public relations has always been a crucial part of politics and influencing public opinion.
I tend to gravitate towards shows that relate to my future career in PR. It may sound absurd, but even though I know television shows exaggerate the conflicts and jobs of a PR professional, these sows help me to explore different fields in PR.
The field of PR that The Crown is heavily based on is, the political structure of Britain, which causes difficulties for the young Queen Elizabeth. She utilizes forms of public relations in order to work around legal and legislative barriers.
Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, also displays the power that PR can yield. In order ensure that she could be with the man she loves, she makes the public sympathize with her. She does this and despite the legal barriers, it makes it much more difficult for the politicians against the relationship to maintain a popular public vote. She forces the hands of the politicians by making speeches to the public and hosting events,. This displays the significant impact of PR tactics.
 The interesting aspect of The Crown is, it is based on real events, so the situations that arise are not as far fetched as they may be on other shows.
So, if you have a passion for conflict, scandal and want to observe the different ways these situations can be handled, I highly suggest picking up that TV remote and start watching the Crown!

The Trouble with Lawyers

Fast talking lawyers have a been a trend within television show production in recent years.  One of the shows at the center of this trend is Suits. Suits is a series built around the life of a man named Mike Ross, who is hired at a high end law firm as an associate, despite not having attended law school.  The partners and lawyers at the firm assist him in creating a fake Harvard Law School graduate record, but throughout the series he still is faced with questions about the legitimacy of his schooling.

In the show, Ross is dating a woman named Rachel Zain. This character is played by American actress Meghan Markle, who is also an ambassador, world traveler and blogger.  Markle has many political friends including Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau and Jessica Mulroney, the daughter in law to former Prime Minister Mulroney. In recent weeks, it has been uncovered that Markle has entered into a relationship with Prince Harry.  The media coverage has criticized her role as Rachel Zain in Suits, as she plays a character with a sexually suggestive side at times.

As the girlfriend of a prince, the public and media are saying that she should be held to a higher standard. This negative publicity for Markle has raised questions about how her relationship will affect her role on Suits.  As a fan I have to wonder, will the series have to alter the relationship between Rachel Zain and Mike Ross in order to make Rachel less promiscuous at times? This is a perfect example of how negative publicity can alter the story lines of a show.

In my own opinion Markle is not as promiscuous as the media outlets are making it seem. She plays the role of an educated paralegal working to get into law school and dresses conservatively most of the time in the show.  Her various trips around the world to places like Kenya, where she has acted as an ambassador to children in need have made her a formidable role model for many people. Her blog that inspires individuals to explore the world and try new foods provides a positive outlook on life that is so rare to find.

I’m sure that the publicity whether it is negative or positive, will increase viewership of Suits simply because of the awareness that has been brought to Markle and her involvement in the show. To find out more about this show I encourage you to join the Suits fandom and check out what everyone has been talking about!

Once Upon A Show

I am an avid television watcher, as I find many people are now, in the age of Netflix, Shomi and so many other streaming programs.  I find myself watching a new show every month, ranging in genres from simple fiction, to documentaries about animals or cooking shows based in Paris.

The latest show that I have been focused on is Once Upon a Time (OUAT).  It is a twist on classic and modern fairy-tales and presents the darker sides of the characters.  The stories are intertwined and connections are made between characters in various stories in clever ways that seem plausible.

If at a young age you found yourself reading not only the happy ending versions of stories, but also the original dark fairy tale stories, then this series is for you.  The characters struggle to find their happy endings, but are constantly thwarted by a seemingly endless amount of villains.

The main character Emma Swan is considered to be the “Saviour” and is also the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.  She was sent away from the Enchanted Forest on the day she was born to save her from a curse cast by the Evil Queen, who has been a rival to Snow and Charming for many years.  Emma was prophesized to lift the curse, that gave members of the Enchanted Forest a false sense of identity, on her 28th birthday.

Enough of the spoilers though, I’ll let you watch it for yourself!

OUAT stars several actors that have appeared in popular movies over recent years. Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, recently made a voice appearance in the movie Zootopia.  Jamie Dornan, who plays the Huntsman is the star of Fifty Shades of Grey.  The actors that have celebrity status is a way to draw in a fan base and drive a series to become a popular choice.

I find that in a television show, if the characters have no chemistry, it is nearly impossible to maintain viewer interest.  OUAT has this advantage over other shows, as the actors that play Snow White and Prince Charming are married in real life.  The comfort displayed by them and the other actors in the blooper reels, shows an off screen bond between the cast members that is essential to have successful on screen chemistry.

If you want an introduction to the set and members of the cast, just watch the video link that can be found in the sidebar!

Now that I have sparked your interest in this show, I think it’s time that you grab a snack and turn on Netflix.  Isn’t it just amazing how easy it is to watch shows now? Enjoy!